Thursday, March 22, 2012


Where has the month of March gone?? The weather has been incredibly nice, so much of my March has been spent outside or running around town! Our little Chamomile was spayed last week, and she has been recovering nicely.
A big part of the month was spent tearing wallpaper and painting the kitchen and eating area of our home. In the midst of it all, the formal dining room became a dumping ground for EVERYthing in the way. Today, I cleaned it all up, putting things back where they go, and decided to throw this quilt on the table for a season. Of course, in my house, where there is a quilt, there is a cat........or two...The quilt was made a couple of years ago, for my 50th birthday, by my friend Sue. Now that the weather has changed, it can be used in a more decorative way.
I did make a couple of needle cases for birthday gifts recently. This is one of them....It is a tri-fold and opens up much larger than you would think.The inside of these gave me fits! I am not a seamstress, so it was tedious. The first one I followed the directions to a T....the second, I made some alterations. Namely, I swapped out the velcro for snaps. Much more attractive! I filled them up and sent them on their way!I also, tried my hand at these 2 inch bowtie blocks. I am HOOKED! I found these on Jeanne's blog.The dime shows you just how tiny they are. I am excited to make a miniature quilt full of these!
Some applique has gotten done on the 3rd Henrietta Whisker's block....not as much as I would like :(I have motivation to get this quilt top done now. I received my next applique quilt pattern in the mail!!With the weather so nice, applique will be the way to go! Hope your March has been wonderful. I need to make my blog rounds! I have missed so much in the last few weeks.
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Square Stars

The first 3 blocks of Emerson's quilt are made. She told me she wanted a "star quilt", but then she wanted squares. I told her to make up her little mind, and she came up with "Square Stars"....I asked her what that meant and she said, "You know, Grandma. Stars with squares in them." So, Square Stars it is! Sassy approves!
The Friendship Stars would have had squares, except I used a different technique. I always use half square trianges, but went this route instead! It was much easier and less seams! I liked it ;)
I finished the Sailboat block on the Underground Railroad Sampler. After making an entire quilt of these blocks for TJ, it went like the breeze carrying that boat!!I have 10 out of 16 blocks quilted. I love how each block has looked once it is quilted! Here are some of them....Once I finish the sashing strips around the Sailboat, this is the next block in the hoop...
Goodness, who would have thought a hand quilter would have so much to share??? I had more, but it will wait til next time!
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