Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday Sewing Day

Instead of a Friday NIGHT sew-in, I took the entire day! I spent the morning planning and preparing for my quilting class, and the afternoon making these needlebooks for my students. They are SO easy to make and very inexpensive. All you need is 1 yard of fabric and a package of heat and bond. I press one side of the heat and bond to the wrong side of the yard and then pull the paper off. Fold the other end up to meet the top end and press the right side down. You end up with a nice big piece of bonded fabric. You need to cut rectangles, 4X6 inches and then cut pieces of (thin) batting 2X4 inches.
Fold both in half and lay the batting centered in the fold of the fabric.
Stitch down the center of the batting and then press closed.
You could get up to 20 needle books out of that yardage...I only needed 8, so that is what I cut. Now to finish them all sweet, trim the raw edges with a set of pinking shears to get a cute finish.I put a quilting between (needle), and a basting needle in each book as a little gift for each new hand quilter.I finished out my Friday by spending the late afternoon and entire evening hand quilting. I finished this was very dense in quilting...and a couple of sashing strips.It was a productive day and I plan another one very soon! I have more to share about my Saturday, but that can wait. I need a nap!!



Susan said...

Love those little needle books! Wish I lived close enough to take your hand-quilting class.

Libby said...

Cute idea! Thanks for sharing it! I would love to come hand-quilt with you!

Jeanna said...

Love the needle books! What a great idea.

Your quilting is exquisite, as usual!

Sweet dreams :)

Winona said...

Poor Cammy. You wore her out. LOL That block is gorgeous. I love those needle books and so easy to make too. I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday, my friend.

copperswife said...

A whole day to sew.....sigh..... The needle books are a nice gift for your students.

Jeanne said...

Lucky students.