Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Sew Day

I am taking a "Sew Day". I have worked hard the last week tearing down wallpaper, and today is a reward day for me! Yes, that Chamomile LOVES a good sew day. She hears that thread being pulled through the fabric from another room and comes running!

I had a busy, fun, weekend. My son's girlfriend, Carrie, came to town and I took her to Acorn Quilts! She wants to make a Sampler quilt, so we had a look around. You just know I can't leave there without a purchase...or 2...or 3! I grabbed that yellow yard to add to Emerson's quilt. It needed that splash! ALL of her fabrics are in the dryer and will be part of my Sew Day. I grabbed some premade labels for myself, and that bundle of 19 different Stonehenge fat 1/8ths for a friend. These feel like silk, but are 100% cotton...perfect for applique.
Yesterday we made a trip to our old town to meet the newest member of our new great niece...and I realized I did not have a hand project I could take along. I grabbed the Henrietta Whiskers pieces for the next block and was able to prep them on my trip. I must make sure there is something to "grab" for the next time!My dear friend, Sue, lives there and we were able to stop by to see her and her family. Sue and I have been very close friends for 29 years, this month in fact. I got to see, up close and personal, her latest quilts....she is such an inspiration! I miss her terribly and I cried half the way home!!! My husband kept saying, "It's only an hour and a half away. Drive up there once a month!" I need to do that!

I found a new-to-me quilting blog and have just LOVED visiting there! Cottons n Wool is full of gorgeous quilts and stitchery. I love her style and tastes and I fell in love with one of her latest quilts, "Folk Art Blooms" It goes along with the new "look" I am desiring to give my new kitchen/eating area. I ordered the book this morning.

You can see Anne's top here. I plan to do a 4 block wallhanging version for the small wall in my eating area, but someday would love to make the entire thing.
So how will I spend my Sew Day? I am headed to the studio to finish a project, and then I will need to spend a bit of time cleaning up. It is a "creative disaster" down there!! After that I want to cut into that fabric and get at least one block made for Emerson's quilt. I need to make 12 different, 12" star blocks, total. After that, since Sweetheart works late tonight, I plan to spend the late afternoon and evening hand quilting. I am sailing along on the UGRR Sampler....pun intended! ;)That is, if Cammy will let me quilt without pouncing on every stitch I make! Eventually, she calms down and just wants to lay....regretfully it is always on my hoop!

Thanks for stopping by!!!



Nancy said...

What a great weekend you had!! I am spending the day in the sewing room...i just realized that I leave a week from today for retreat and have nothing ready!!

copperswife said...

So glad you enjoyed your day in your old hometown!

A sew day sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

Winona said...

Woohoo, have fun on your sew day. Looks like Cammy is ready to go. She has to do her part, don't you know. LOL Callie loves it when I sit down at my sewing machine. She has to help me guide that fabric under the foot. LOL Have an enjoyable day. I am still working on Kevin's quilt. I am on the third border side, though, so not much longer now. (grin)

Joanne said...

Nice blog -- I just added it to my favorites -- I'll be checking back daily!

Jeanna said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend Bren!

Love your fabric purchases. Emerson will be so happy!

And life isn't complete unless you have a kitty who loves quilting too! :)

Jeanne said...

How nice that your son's girlfriend wants to make a quilt. Cammy is so cute and perhaps wants to be a quilter, also.