Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Studio

Most of you have seen my sewing room on my other blog, but I wanted to show it here at Glory Bee Quilting, so it would be on my sidebar. I am in the basement of our home in a very large 12X24 foot room that my husband finished off a few years ago. I have to admit, I have had a sewing room in just about every room of this house. I think I will be here until Charlotte marries and moves away. I use an 8 ft banquet table for my cutting..... .....and sewing table. I really need a new ironing board cover!!

My grandmother's hutch (she is in the picture on my table) is at the other end of the room and holds old quilts, my quilting books, and some odds and ends. I love the couch being gives a place for my kids and grandkids to sit. That rocking chair is a gift I got from my parents when I was pregnant with my first child. I rocked all my babies, and grandbabies in it!Just across from the couch is the TV and a cabinet for fabric storage. The 3 tier cart holds my UFO's...I keep them in sight so I don't forget about them! On the other side of the entertainment center, is where Sweetheart has his own little corner of this room he's only fair, right? ;) He has his guitars and a desk....I stay away from that area.Other storage for fabric is in the 3 drawer bin. The bin on top holds fabrics I pulled for Henrietta Whiskers. My scrap bins and rulers are all under the cutting/sewing table hidden by that homemade curtain.My 60x72 inch design wall is full. I think I need a bigger one!It is a large and comfortable space, and I am very grateful for it. Though the lighting leaves much to be desired, that is easily fixed....I am working on that issue! I spent some time sewing this afternoon, so it is not quite as tidy as it appears here. I will show you the first 2 blocks of Emerson's quilt, "Square Stars", next time!
Thanks for stopping by!!


Nancy said...

It looks so nice and clean!! I have long true light bulbs hanging from chains in my sewing room....I love them..

Weezy said...

love it. I am so jealous. no not jealous, but almost used envious. you are lucky. let me just say that. I have a garage but at this time is has no heat or floor and is filled with 4 wheelers. but it is called my garage. lol lol lol lol oh it does have my work table out there being stored till we can get it up and running.
This is really a great place. and I would stay away from that corner too.

Barb said...

I love your sewing room, looks fantastic. I need a new ironing board cover as well.

Debi said...

Very nice large sewing room. I found a new ironing board cover at Big Lots for $5!

Cyndi said...

Bren, you are so blessed to have such a large and well-organized sewing room! I love it! If I had that couch in my space, I am afraid that I would be taking naps instead of sewing! LOL! I am thankful for my small space - it's about 10 x 10 - but I have to admit that I would love more room!

As for new ironing board covers, I need one, too. There are a lot of great tutorials on the web for making your own....I just haven't gotten industrious enough to try it, yet! :o\

Hope you are having a wonderful day!



Winona said...

Bren, your sewing area is great. What got my attention is your design wall. Wow! That is an amazing quilt in progress. I am afraid to ask how many pieces just this section involved. Looking great.